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Well, I am Fatu Wandaw.  I never say my last name, but since this is an introduction I found that it is appropriate to do so. I attend West Chester University where I am a Communication major & an Entrepreneur minor.  I aspire to help to improve the lives of those in my community.  I am young and learning as I go, finding a new interest and newfound love every single day. Just here to inspire, as I am everyday by someone.


In my few short years of life, I have learned much through experience. Luckily for me, I have met many great people through these experiences. I decided to create my blog to share my story and the stories that I have heard, share gems that I picked up along the way, and connect with others. I have tied my love for writing with a movement that is way bigger than me. La Femme United is a movement and lifestyle brand that empowers women; However, I will be reaching all audiences on this platform. All are welcome! Writing offers me peace because it is something that I can control. Writing allows me to inspire others which is the most wholesome aspect of it all. 



I have been working on La Femme United since 2018. It means more to me than I could actually explain in words, but here it is. 

La Femme United is a movement/lifestyle brand that is based on empowering women. We are to love and live for ourselves, but as a unit, we hold so much power. La Femme United, or Beautiful Women United, is a safe haven for me and I believe it can be for many others. A safe haven meaning I will be here to speak with anybody if needed. Here, we can connect and share our stories.

I will use my blog to discuss and touch base on daily struggles we, as women, encounter day in and day out. I will not only discuss the negatives but the positives as well. I will shine a light on the women (& males) who continue to break barriers every single day in our world.  Please remember that I am speaking for ALL women. That is the beauty. Our differences make us beautifully unified. 

 I am willing to help anybody in any way that I can, keep in mind that I am still learning every single day so please bear with me.



Willing to promo, connect, network, and just meet people so feel free.

If there is any advice needed from me to you, vice versa, please do not fret.