The Tea on Tu! PT 1

The Tea on Tu! PT 1




“I used to want the words ‘She tried’ on my tombstone. Now I want ‘She did it.’” – Katherine Dunham

Earlier today, I went to my dentist due to a toothache.  I left in pain because the dentist thought it was a great day to pull my two wisdom teeth out. Everyone who really knows me knows I have been avoiding that because I HATE pain.
I cried literally for three hours straight. I feel horrible. Yes it is due to the pain, but I could not stop thinking about mothers who give birth. Everyone describes it to be the most painful experience. How the heck am I supposed to go
through that one day when I cannot even bear this
kind of pain?

Anyway, I commend ALL the mothers! The real GOAT.

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There’s people who can talk about themselves for hours, but then there’s people like me who choke up. I am literally the most extrovert-introvert you could possibly meet. Super selective with those I share information with, so take this as a golden ticket. I am serving full tea on ME. Throughout this article (& Part 2), I will be throwing pictures of me in just to give a face to the name. I mean, who doesn’t want to see this face? Jokes.  

Carefree. Cute. 2 Year old Tu.

I always say that I wish to be as carefree as I was when I was a little girl. The sad reality is that’s almost impossible because the 19 year old me has so much going on around me every single day.

 Fatu or “Tu” is what I have gone by since the day I was born. My real day ones may remember when my family called me “Tutu” which I absolutely hated. Even now, I don’t like just anybody calling me Tu; However, I can’t be mad because I allow it majority of the time. I remember being in grade school and hating my name.

Quick break, be proud of your name. ALWAYS. Do not allow teachers to hit you with, “I’ll just call you —-” NEVER. Make sure them people call you by your name! 

If I had that attitude prior to learning of the origin of my name, the story would not be as interesting. Curious people would always ask me questions like “What does your name mean?” or “Where is that name from?” I would never have a direct answer because I really did not know.

Only thing I would say is “It’s an African name,” which led to stupid looks and dumb questions/comments like:

“You’re African?” 

“You don’t even look African.”

“Your family lives in huts too?” 

I have always disliked ignorant people. Still do. Only difference now is that I take time to educate people about the most beautiful place in the world, Africa. 

I was born in Philadelphia, Pa but I always felt close to home, West Africa. My family is deeply rooted in our West African culture. The food, traditions, customs, clothing, dialect, languages, tribes, and much more can never be compared. My entire being comes from home. Despite being born here, I have been there to visit once and plan on returning soon. I always encourage people to go home and see what me and others are raving about. There’s literally NO place like home. 


Back to the origin of my name! So basically, my name is derived from Fatimah but it was shortened to Fatu. I was named after my late grandmother, who I was not fortunate enough to meet. Fatimah, the beloved daughter of the prophet Muhammad, holds a significant role in the Islamic faith. Fatimah or al-Zahra, which means “Shining One,” was only five when the Prophet received the revelation, so she grew up within the faith of Islam. Fatimah is known as “Sayyidatun Nisa al Alamin,” which means Leader of The Women of the Worlds.  After learning more and more about the history of my name, you could not tell me anything! I am not of the Muslim faith, but I have many family members who are practicing members of the beautiful religion.  There’s really no coincidence when it comes to my name and it’s meaning. As an embodiment of my name, I took interest in Political Science and Journalism. I yearn to speak on behalf of the vulnerable and the voiceless. By creating my platform, I will shed light on women and the issues they encounter daily. My long term goals are traveling to countries where women are denied access to education because they are female, and to teach young girls that we can be heard and not just seen. If I am able to fulfill these goals, I believe I will have contributed something of lasting value to our society, especially to women. To close on that, I really urge everyone to learn more about the origin of their name.

In another article, I will touch base on being caught between two worlds aka “Being An African Girl Here in America.” I feel like that article will be super relatable because I have had discussions with many people, especially females like myself, who notice that there is a huge difference. STAY TUNED. 



  2. Fatu is a Scorpio – 11/16/99img_6609
  3. Fatu is a calm 5’5.
  4. Fatu spends a lot of my time on Youtube (You can actually learn just about anything on there, let me tell you!)
  5. Fatu is a Christian.
  6. Fatu’s favorite color is currently Pink.
  7. Fatu has a fury friend named Simba whom she loves dearly!
    1. Simba is a Bichon Poodle Mix
    1. He’ll be 1 in February
    1. Sometimes she wishes he can respond back to her
  8. Fatu is the best Aunty a kid can have.
  9. Fatu has a really bad sweet-tooth
  10. Fatu loves traveling! I really want to go to Ibiza & Greece right now.


Honestly truly, Unforgettable is probably my favorite song ever in life.




Through the good and bad, God has always showed me genuine love through these people. Family means so much to me! Prom was definitely a revelation of the importance of family. The whole ordeal was super stressful, but my family made sure the entire day turned out beautiful. I bless God everyday for providing me with such a strong support system. If I literally lost everything, I know I will still be cool because of these crazy people. Now, every good has its bad. Family can be the same people that hurts you the most! That’s for later…NEXT

I have been a Catholic “Private” school student for majority of my life. It has it’s pros and cons to be very honest, but it depends on who you talk to. The only thing I’m grateful for are the many connections I’ve built from grade school thru high school. Also, now that I have to pick out an outfit everyday, I appreciate the uniforms I had to wear for years. 

High-school was definitely the best and worst four years of my life. May sound cliche but I found myself during that time. High-school forces you to experience and learn many different things. Some of which can be good or bad. One thing about me, I’ve never been a follower and I was never really fascinated with what the crowd was doing. There’s so much going on around us during those four years. The most important thing I learned was how I wanted to be treated by those around me. That’s really important as you begin “adulting” because people tend to take advantage. Always be kind but never let people take it for weakness. Along with being a young adult comes decision making. You are the overall dictator  of how you want OTHERS to treat YOU. Let that sink in.

Just like how they say “What you allow WILL continue” 

I gained great friends who encouraged me to do better, made me feel good, and ultimately helped me enjoy the time I had to spend at that hell hole. Archbishop Carroll gave me lifelong friendships and bonds that I am very grateful for! 


A Few Pet Peeves/Dislikes

  1. Being woken out of my sleep
  2. Ignorant comments & statements
  3. Loud chewing and smacking
  4. Slow drivers
  5. Messy bathrooms
  6. Loud phone conversations
  7. Spoilers
  8. Joe people 

ALOT MORE (I’ll give you more in the Pt.2 article)

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Until then, I’d appreciate if readers would leave their names in the comment sections and maybe tell me a fact or pet peeve of yours. Just want to create a comfortable space for us. Thanks so much for reading.

– Fatu Wandaw

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