Managing Relationships!

Managing Relationships!

This information is heavily directed to college students; However, I believe it could be of use to those who are still in High-School and practically anybody who values the relationships in their life! 


I’m a firm believer that communication without understanding can hinder the communication between individuals.

So many people say I suck at texting and calling which I can confess to being true. I won’t say college has worsened or helped my communication skills, but it has taught me the importance of communication with UNDERSTANDING. 


I’ve always hated texting and I still do. Forcing conversations is pretty rude, right? One thing for sure is that I do not lack communication; However, I can attest that the communication between myself and some people lack an understanding.

Managing relationships with family, friends, or partners can be very difficult as you begin “adult-ing.” For college students, this can be even more difficult because the distance factor may be an issue. So, how do you guys successfully manage your relationships?


For one, try to create an understanding with those you are in relationships with. Meaning, explain to them that there may be a shift in communication, but keep them actively involved the best way you know how. For me, those who are close to me (a partner, my friends, family etc.) are important and I have vowed to try to tell them that more. I also have to show them! We have to understand that no communication leads to many thoughts, whether we mean to or not. That’s why so many relationships reach a point of no return when they could’ve held a simple conversation. People make time for what they would like to make time for. That is a fact BUT sometimes people really do not have the time to sit and talk all day. Let the people around you in on that. Never leave those important people in your life wondering. Why not? Because you care about them and how they feel!

Next, make sure the conversations you guys do hold have substance. Ask them about updates in their life and LISTEN. Too many people struggle with that. If you can’t listen, the communication is pointless. This part is super important, in my opinion, because you catch up. Tell your family how’s school going, so they’ll understand why you may or may not call as much. If it’s someone you’re close with, it’ll feel just like old times. I love seeing friends/family who I don’t see as often. Once we’re together the vibe is great which is how it is supposed to be. This step should be the most comfortable part.

Check in! One of my closest friends told me that the best thing a person could do is shoot a text or even call people that may cross their mind. Instead of wondering how an individual is doing, you can actually know through communicating.

Accept people for who they are; However, do not force toxic relationships because you are selling yourself short. Sometimes, especially adults, we think relationships cannot be cut off because of the time stamp that has been placed. The years you and somebody share mean a lot but not everything.

For example, people who you may have just met or barely know may support you more than those who have known you for years.

People grow apart and that is completely fine! You have learned and gained from the relationship, but it may be time to move on. 

Side-note: Would you guys want to hear about dating in college?

Only thing I will say about dating as a young adult or college student, and I do not know a lot because I am still young,  it won’t be peaches and creams all the time. Even with communication and understanding, there will be difficulties because we are in our growing years. Some of us are hitting our prime. Some of us are “living our best life” and that is completely fine. Just remember that you should never disregard the feelings of someone you claim to care about. You will try everything in your power to keep a healthy relationship with those who mean something to you. Period

The moment you feel like you are no longer happy in any situation, let the other person know! Do not lead them on. Do not give false hope.

You are simply wasting their time & that is completely selfish! 



That’s a wrap for this one! Let me know how you guys manage relationships. Leave comments below. Thank you very much. 

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