This Is America.

This Is America.


 Government Shutdown.

The longest government shutdown in

United States history. 

Care yet?

If you are unaware federal agencies look forward to funding from the Congress annually.

Examples of Federal Agencies: Dep of Education, Dep of Agriculture, Dep of Homeland Security, US Citizenship & Immigration Services, INS, SSA, etc. 

  • The House of Representative and Senate work together to formulate a budget, make changes, so it can be moved on to be signed by President Trump.
  • Present Trump is requesting 5.7 billion dollars for the wall he has been bragging about for years.

cbsn-fusion-government-shutdown-could-affect-food-stamp-program-tax-refunds-thumbnail-1751756-640x360The House and Senate (Heavy Republican) never really came to a majority on this Wall when they met to discuss the 2016-2018 budget. Now, The House has been placed into the hands of the Democrats. Think they supporting a wall that will affect so many people? They couldn’t come to a conclusion which means agencies were not funded.




I actually just learned this but workers who are furloughed are considered “non-expected” meaning they are not expected to come to work. On the other hand, those who stay at work are considered “expected” or “essential”  but individual agencies make such calls. If you are expected, it is most likely due to the severity of your job. Furloughed workers are not allowed to do any form of work including volunteering. Whether employees stay on the job or furloughed, they will not be getting paid.


Sounds crazy right? Imagine going to class, doing well on test and your teacher gives you an ‘F’ just because. That’s kinda how it feels. Actually, imagine working at your part-time job and receiving a check or direct deposit that states $0.00. Unfortunately, that’s real life.


Keep in mind, this is over a wall. I’m sure we all know this by now, but let’s deep it for a second. This shutdown is affecting approximately 800,000 employees. As time has passed, many furloughed workers have been called back to work.




  • Food Stamps will be cut by March
  • Care about your food? Well The FDA has suspended routine food inspections
  • National parks and Monuments
  • Delay on GDP report
  • Staffing Shortage
    • TSA (Greatly affected)
    • Prison Workers (Prison assaults has increased since the shutdown)
    • FAA
  • Justice Department
    • Attorneys and Judges are not working. This means many many cases are just sitting.
  • Affordable Housing


There’s so much I could say, but updates come through every single day which shifts the dynamic of the shutdown. Just want to encourage everyone to stay informed!

This is America.


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