Before I start, stop medling into people’s relationships! Let people be happy until they say they’re not. If not asked, do not give input. It is rude. 


Welcome Back!

This week, I took time to write about getting back in your act after a breakup, heartbreak or even a setback. If we’re being completely honest, I have never been through heartbreak; However, I have been let down by people I had love for. Recently, I saw this tweet that stated situations hurt more because you know you would never do the person(s) the way they have done you. I can definitely attest that it is indeed FACTS. Being young, sometimes our feelings get discredited BUT I promise it is okay to be sad about a boy/girl that hurt you. Why? You have feelings and emotions too.  What is NOT okay is dwelling. When writing a lot of my articles, I reach out to people to ask of their personal opinion. For this piece, I asked a few people how they have dealt with moving on after a breakup/setback/heartbreak. 



“Never stop working on becoming a better man/woman!” – ME

Everything in life can be turned into a lesson. Do not sit in sorrow! Thank yourself & God for being able to see you OUT of a situation that obviously was not benefiting you. Whether you were the reason for the fall out or not, always see how you can do better going forward.

Here’s What I Mean:

If you happen to be the victim in the situation, vow to never discount yourself for such treatment. You’ve seen how you were treated, you don’t like it, now never settle! You may battle with insecurities and if so, take time for yourself! Many of us fear being alone for many different reasons. Find peace with being alone, find comfort in your own skin and not in the arms of another being, and find things you like to do. 

 Many might think: “Well, duh!” BUT that is not the reality for everyone. I will never bash anyone for going back into a situation because it is not an easy thing to do; However, if you do, make sure you lay down rules & let them know how you’re coming! 


If you happen to be the culprit or person in the wrong, take the time to understand how you hurt the person on the other end. Put yourself in that situation mentally and see how it affects you!



I asked a few people for input & I put together a list of things you can do to get over a breakup/setback/heartbreak.

  • Be sad but not for too long!
  • Don’t dwell. If so, the person still has a hold on you.
  • Always take time for you. It’s okay to move on, but give yourself time to get over. If not, you rush into something new with bad energy left from your old relationship. 
  • Learn from the situation
  • Reflect on what went wrong AND what went right
  • Find a hobby/interest
  • Work on your Busine$$
  • Get to a bag. Money makes people happy!
  • Find something you love/loved to do. This replaces that person in the least bit.
  • Surround yourself with genuine people
  • Plan a Girl’s Night
  • Plan a Night With The Guys
  • Never bad mouth, move on in peace please!
  • Mute the Ex
  • Be open to dating again after some time


Toxicity is becoming a normality in our generation. 

Toxic People

Toxic Relationships

Toxic Situation-ships

Toxic Friendships

We live for the thrill of things, and I really blame social media/environment; Nonetheless, I have so much faith in our generation because I have seen many people eject themselves from those kind of situations. Our biggest issue is we want what we see, obtain it, then unfortunately realize it is not everything we thought it would be. I honestly hate to use real life example so I won’t! Couples may be cute but behind closed doors lies nothing but toxicity. Allow your own mistakes and experience(s) to be your example when it comes to dating. For a lot of us, we’ve seen more bad than good relationships when we were growing up, so we crave the love we see on TV and/or on social media.

Stop or else Instagram will hurt ya heart lol.


It is okay to be alone and enjoy it. 

Live your life! Have Fun. 


One thought on “OK NOW LADIE$ & GENT$

  1. This was it because at the end of the day people go back to these relationships and you wasted your breathe. It’s really up to them to want to change their situation.


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