Tu’s Thoughts!

Tu’s Thoughts!



Just in case you guys forgot what I look like!  I took about 2-3 weeks off, school and life have been kicking my butt. Let’s not fully place blame them though, I’ve been a little lazy. I am in better spirits, so I am back with something for you guys. One thing I did not want to do was try to rush an article and not give it my all because that’s just not me. Hope you guys enjoy this one! I appreciate all the love I have been getting. Thanks again.

Xoxo, Fatu W. 

During my little hiatus, I had a lot of time to think about different things. Social Media always plays a role in these issues that I tend to bring forward, so I once again blame the socials.  BE YOURSELF ALWAYS. 



Cosmetic Surgery

Clout Chasing 

Social Cleanses




Cosmetic surgery has been around forever. Now, people don’t even bother questioning whether someone’s body is real or not because it has become normalized. Personally, I have no real problem with cosmetic surgery and I will never judge anyone for getting work done to THEIR body.  Recently, I had a conversation with a few people and we started discussing cosmetic surgery. I immediately ran to the defense of those who have got work done because I believe people can do whatsoever they please with THEIR body; However, the conversation shifted when we started to discuss people’s real reasoning behind surgery.  We specifically discussed BBLs, Tummy Tucks, Fat Transfers, Breast Augmentation etc. We concluded that there’s this new pressure to be curvy and have a perfect body. That’s the needed conversation.

I’d like to hear from you all, so after reading please comment below and give me your take on cosmetic surgery.

Let’s take Kim K’s and Kylie Jenner’s of the world, who has popularized these bodies that people are dying for. The bodies of which was sculpted and modeled after African/African American women (with a little extra). African/African-American women are naturally curvy and have been long before plastic surgery. For a long time, nobody saw it for what it really was. These bodies were not praised or uplifted UNTIL the Kim K’s and Kylie Jenner’s “set the standard.” 


People see how those who have these bodies are praised and fantasized; Furthermore, one may want the attention that they see others gain with their bodies. There’s also this idea of social capital and fame. For black women, I think they just want to finally be SEEN. We’ve been curvy for ages, so for non-black women to come in and be praised for something we’ve been had does hurt. Get it? It’s like ONCE AGAIN black women are not being appreciated.  


If that’s allowed, more and more people are able to get cosmetic surgeries. If you also think about it, cosmetic surgery is also affordable! People travel to places like the DR where the cost is not as high. The dangers apply there just like it would in someone’s basement. Through research, I also learned that cosmetic surgery has become an act of survival. In foreign countries, Nigeria for example, women with bigger bums get more male attention. The male attention helps them financially take care of themselves and their families. I just think it’s very sad because there’s this new pressure that’s making real bodies go “out-of-style” and almost seem to be abnormal. I recently saw people coming for Yung Miami’s body and I was really puzzled. I just want all my readers to know that it’s okay to not have “The Perfect Body.” It is also okay to want/have cosmetic surgery if it is for the right reason.


We know the real you! Please relax. This one right here is a big one for me. Let’s be honest, there are people who were born with clout and that’s okay. There are others who fell into it naturally and are doing well. There are some who could care less! Then, there are people who fiend for clout and it really looks pathetic. I’ve seen people talk down on others just to gain a boost of tenorpopularity and it really got them nowhere. People like me read right through people and we can tell all that talking is CAP lol. I laugh when I think about clout chasing because people will go to the farthest extent all in the name of clout. Please remember that who you are as a person with never be exceeded by popularity or numbers. We get so caught up in these followers, likes, and money which leads people into forgetting who they really are as a person. I am very big on taking time off for myself. This time includes NO social media. Lol, I really feel like that is needed because it’ll remind us that we are still humans in the real world, with real time, and real people. 

Do you take time for yourself? 

If yes, tell me what this time consists of. 


Social Cleanses

I do not need social media because it is strictly for entertainment. Social Media is entertainment but there’s a lot of negativity on it as well. That’s why taking social cleanses and time away is always nice.



You decide how long you would like to go without your social accounts, but it is only effective if you find something productive to do in replacement. What you find productive is your own choice!   Just make sure it is something that does not involve being on ANY socials or devices. If you use social media for anything other than entertainment, for example, you have a business page. Take your social cleanse as a time to regroup and realign your business. Rebranding is often projected during social cleanses. You figure out what it is that you want to do using your social platform for your business.  Social Cleanses are very rewarding and it shows you how much time you spend on these apps. The best part is finding different things to put your time into. Unplug and just take a break from anything social! You will not regret. 


I love and appreciate every ounce support I get from readers! Took a little time off but I am back. I see every message and DM. They truly make my day which is why I try to respond to everbody. Have more articles coming SO stay tuned!







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