What School Didn’t Teach Us

What School Didn’t Teach Us

Surviving High School

img_2914Surviving High School was a suggested topic from some of you guys, but I could not find myself to push that article. To be completely honest, I’d go back and do things differently. Overall those four years was really eventful, but I would’ve done way more if I knew time would fly past that fast! I feel like we focus too much on the negatives of school sometimes. High-school can be trying for ALL because we face challenges personally and academically; However, High-school is meant to be memorable. We meet good/ bad people, some for a good time and not a long time. We also meet people who become big pieces in our life. One thing High Schoo taught me was how to treat others. Everyone comes from different walks of life, but sometimes we disregard that. I learned that the least I owe every human was basic respect!

I cannot leave you guys hanging, so I will tell you guys what kept me sane.

  1. First and foremost, God and prayers. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and I forget that God is bigger than every issue thrown at me. Not to mention, I come from a praying background and I know their prayers are STILL working in my life.
  2. A good circle. I’ve made lifelong relationships built on mindset and similar beliefs. Opposites attract but you need people who are likeminded to keep you going.
  3. High School is what you make it! Get involved, go to games, and do stuff.
  4. Lastly, high school is not forever. It’ll end one day and I promise you the feeling is very bittersweet. Make it memorable please please please.

Yes, school sucks but if you are still in high-school make the best of it. Just like anything else in life because once it’s over, it’s over. Now, I’m trying to “survive college” BUT this time around I have a way different outlook on life. Everyone’s high-school experience is completely different! My biggest frustration with high school is that it seemed like I just went to pass. Believe it or not, I love learning especially when it’s information I can take and use down the line. College was big for me for two reasons: I’ll be a first generation graduate and I’ll be learning skills that will be beneficial to my aspiring career.

Here’s what we missed!

The school did not teach us HOW to learn. A friend of mine suggested that I watch this video and do a blog on the topic. Shoutout to him because it’s great content! I feel like you guys may find it to be informative as well.

Hopefully, y’all watched or will watch! I found it crazy to think that I may actually check my Instagram about 150 times a day. Even crazier, the average person struggles to go over ten minutes without checking their phone. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to take full blame for this problem. These companies know what they are doing when they put together these apps for us. They have a full understanding of why we do it and how the process takes place. The video explains all of this.

There are five primary brain waves states: Beta, Theta, Alpha, Delta, and Gamma. Beta is when you are awake and alert. Delta is when you are asleep. Theta is a deep form of relaxation. Alphas is another form of relaxation. Gamma is a state of high performance. Schools never taught us the importance of theta and alpha, nor did they tell us how imperative they are for learning. Theta is a stage where we are in and out of sleep, but it is also when we are most creative. You’re deeply relaxed so your mind is allowed to create. Think of showers. We are relaxed as the water runs allowing us to basically just think without disruption. When in an Alpha, you’re in “a state of learning” and your mind subtracts any sort of critical thinking. Like when we watch Love & Hip Hop or Basketball.  We do not want to hear anybody interrupting; Therefore, certain things go in and out of the ear.

We lack the basic fundamentals to learning how to learn which includes critical thinking, focusing, concentration, retention, recall, remembering, solving problems etc. All we’ve been taught to do was PASS. Some of us barely add what you said but that’s due to the pressure we face trying to pass. We can barely retain the stuff we are learning. Within two days, 48% of the info you’ve learned is gone because we were never trained. If we are picking up our phones early in the morning, which when is??? we are in the Alpha-Theta stages, is that a problem? YES YES YES *MY VOICE*

Here’s Why

  1. It detaches us from the real world.

  2. Less productive and less performative

  3. Distracts us

  4. We lack mindfulness

That’s what we have trained our brain to do. That’s what WE are. Truth is, we are very lazy and lack control of our life. That’s a conversation y’all not ready for though. You may have heard the term mindfulness before. Mindfulness is big for those who meditate. It can be described as maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. It is a mental exercise which emphasizes being in the present moment. We need to use this practice when we are looking at life and taking control of every vision we have for life.

We can turn this bad habit around by simply studying our brain. Jim Kwik, the man speaking in the video, spoke on how knowledge really isn’t power. Knowledge only becomes power when we use it. There’s a process of focusing and creativity. What do I mean? Allow your mind to turn your words into actions. Train your mind to become productive. You can start by doing one productive activity in the morning before you touch your phone. Little do we know, our phones have trained our mind to be reactive. The first thing you see when you wake up can shift your entire mood which can make your day. That’s such a terrible way to live life! Take control of it NOW before it is too late. We refrain from doing A LOT because we are trying to “react” to everyone else’s agenda for your life. This can and will be hard, but it is a process that will lead to progress.

Jim said, “The happiest people are the ones in control of their own life.”

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