Fix It, God. Anxiety. Surround Yourself With Love.

Fix It, God. Anxiety. Surround Yourself With Love.


Fix It, God

I’ll never fully pour my problems out on here and I’ll never actually go into details about what I am/have been going through. I do not like pity parties! I just like taking my experiences and sharing what I’ve learned from them. If I am being completely honest, I’ve always had mixed feelings about “the church” but I love God. I love a great sermon. I love God’s people who truly are doing the work of God. Saving souls. Religion is such a touchy subject because everyone believes what they believe; Therefore, never be ashamed of your practiced faith. Today, I had the honor of fellowshipping at The Christ Haven which I’ve heard plenty of great things about. I might take next year to go on a church tour because I love seeing the way others worship. It’s so beautiful, especially when they’re welcoming.

As stated, I enjoy great sermons. I like hearing the message and adding it into my own life. “Fix It, God” is apart of the title of this blog! The preacher (God, I wish I can remember his name) spoke about allowing God to handle the Jericho’s in our lives. Your Jericho is most likely different from my own Jericho. Your “Jericho” can be any sort of hardship you may be facing that you’re looking to overcome. You are looking for your very own victory. The Preacher said. “Fix It, God” and explained how a guest speaker during their convocation explained that God is the one who should be fixing the issues of our life. We are here to serve and praise him. Let God work in your life! You just do your part. As I sat and listened, I couldn’t help but think about all of the many things that I sit worry and complain about DAILY.  The many things I try to face off alone – without the help of God. Keep God in your pocket. Keep God in your presence.


Some days are better than others and some days really remind you of the daily struggle. Anxiety is very common so do not think you’re weird if you are battling it. There are days where I think nothing but negative thoughts. I’ll literally complain ALL day, worry, and list all the wrong that’s taking place in my life. Thinking like this slows me down academically, physically, and spiritually. It’s weird because it’s my mental battle but there are time where it is very observable. My boyfriend sees it the most these days and he is constantly reminding me to slow down. That’s my only coping mechanism to be honest. Slowing down and just recollecting myself.

Unfortunately, I stopped seeing a therapist after two sessions but I’d recommend it to anyone. I just figured that I could handle it the best way I knew how which was through prayer and a change of lifestyle. I think your environment and way of thinking will play a role in your healing process. Now, I stay far away from negativity because my brain obviously cannot handle that nonsense LMAO. Besides, I pray a lot for my mental state because anxiety hits way harder when you’re in a bad place mentally and physically. “It’s all in my head” has been my motto as of recently. Think positive and your day will turn out to be positive. That’s why people stress speaking things into existence. Honestly, just do not let it overcome you. That goes for any mental disorder anyone may be dealing with. Never let it overcome you!

I could be being biased but if you know anyone with anxiety please pray for them! If you know anybody struggling mentally, pray for them. Try talking to them and just trying to understand them. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation.


As stated, our community never speaks on these issues. We’re definitely getting better because I see more and more people seeking help from therapists and just speaking to others about their issues. Life really can be hard! For everybody, including your worst enemy. Just try to maneuver through life and be the best individual you can be. Being an ass for no reason literally does nothing for you.

Surround Yourself with Love

Listen, I’m selfish with myself. Being completely selfish while having a big heart is impossible; However, I have been focusing heavily on my own needs and desires. I’m very particular about my space, time, and environment. Everyone does not deserve to be in my space and that’s for my own good. I already spoke on preferring to stay away from negative energy for my own sanity. I like my peace lmao! It sounds funny but that’s really how I’ve been feeling. Like my life will never be perfect but my current level of peace is at an all time high. I do not engage in anything that’ll cause my life any unnecessary drama or stress. One small inkling of the nonsense will cause me to exit!


Put yourself first by surrounding yourself with love. Everyone close to me knows I’m not capable of speaking to them everyday, but our love is indefinite; Therefore, whenever we do get together it’s always a great time. Surrounding yourself with love includes engaging in activities you love doing with the people you love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 reads, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” People that encourage and love you unconditionally is key! I think I told y’all about meaningless relationships already. They go a lot like: no encouragement, no love, no support, and no forgiveness. Also, the people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you. Always keep that in mind.



All in all, just remember there’s always more to life. There’s always a reason and purpose to keep the ball (life) rolling. Have fun with it!

One thought on “Fix It, God. Anxiety. Surround Yourself With Love.

  1. Love this well written Tu. And always keep around positive and others like yourself. Surround yourself with people you can learn from and vise versa !


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