La Femme!

Below are a few people I’d like to shine a light on!

They are also people you may like to connect with or even network with one day. These individuals are people that I truly admire because they are following their heart’s desires while inspiring many people, including me.

In no particular order I'd like to introduce...



Hey! I’m Pearl, 21 year old Liberian business woman, who owns an accessory brand/ business called MonabyPearl and a hair business, Monashairr. My goal is to keep both women and men looking beautiful without breaking the bank. I graduated college in 2019 and my ultimate goal has always been to concur the world. My inspiration through this entire journey is Robyn Fenty (Rihanna). She inspires me through out her entire journey and makes me believe that anybody can do anything as long as they put their mind to it. The gag is: If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? I’m the woman I am today because of hard work and consistency. I aspire to be my true self everyday while pursuing my dreams and working harder.

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Personal Instagram: @BadGalPearly

Accessory Brand/Business Page: @MonaByPearl

Hair & Beauty Business Page: @MonasHairr


Hey! I am Alexis Carlon and I am 19 years old. I attend the illustrious Morgan State University where I am studying Psychology. I am the woman I am today because of my mother and the endless lessons she has taught me.  I aspire to be a mentor and a helping hand to the individuals that look like me and have similar experiences as me.

Alexis is a lover and her heart is huge for those she cares about. When counting my blessings, I am sure to Alexis and her entire family for always being there for me with welcoming arms. Not only is she beautiful and kind, she is also an excellent student. She’s a growing socialite as well so be sure to check her out. She could be the next face of your brand!

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Alexis’s Personal Page: @__Queenlexx



Hello Everyone! My name is Toni Gaye and I am a 19 year old with big dreams. I am currently attending Penn State University and majoring in Toxicology. My two passions are makeup and medicine. I am currently working towards my doctorate in Pharmacy while conquering my makeup brand Cocoa Cosmetics. Cocoa Cosmetics is a cruelty free based makeup brand for people of color. I provide beauty supplies from lipglosses to foundations and many more. My end goal for my cosmetics line is to become as big as Mac and/or Sephora, in stores and all over being globally known. I look up to brands like the Crayon Case and Fenty Beauty. Seeing women of color in the makeup industry really pushes me to create my own. What makes me the women I am today is the encouragement and push from my friends, family, and God who makes me bring out the best in myself.

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Toni’s Personal Page: @Cocoa.T

Toni’s Business Page: @CocoaCosmetics__



My name is Nneamaka Nwomonoh. I am a 19 year old Kinesiology major  at Delaware State University. When I graduate with my bachelors, I intend on returning back to school to obtain my masters in Rehabilitation sciences. My dream job of becoming a rehabilitation therapist for children that have been through trauma requires both degrees. I have many dreams and aspirations in life. My most important goal in life is to be successful. The definition of the word successful may vary to everyone. For me being successful is being able to take care of the people most important to me financially, physically and  emotionally. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is a very influential factor when it comes to understanding what makes me who I am. I was lucky to  be raised by an independent, responsible and cultured woman; In addition, I am also fortunate to have so many older sibling and relatives who are wise and have made mistakes that I have learned from but do not have to experience. My morals, culture and ethics has made me who I am. My selflessness, ambition and ability to adapt to any environment has made me the woman I am.


Hi I’m Anissa, I go by Nessa though. I am a 17 year old senior at Cardinal O’Hara. I can’t wait to see what the world has to offer me. Ever since I was a small child, I knew that I wanted to work in the medical field. I’ve finally decided that I wanted to be a physician assistant specializing in cosmetic surgery. Now, most people ask “Hey, why don’t you want to run the whole 4 yards and be the doctor?” See I thought about that and realized that’s 12 years in school…YIKES. That’s not the only reason, I want to have more than one way of income and doctors just don’t have the times to run other brand names . As of now I have a lot of other things on my mind that I can do like buying properties and fixing them up to sell , starting my own skin care line, and continue what I’m doing now with hair . It’s kinda funny how I started doing hair too. See for my 16th birthday I really wanted a lace front install, but everyone was charge $200+ and that just wasn’t apart of the budget. So, I was basically like F this. I can do bad all by myself and that’s how I began to practice on myself, cousins and friends. Now my business has grown! It’s definitely not where I want it to be but everyone has to start from somewhere. Something that really gives me a push everyone is that strong desire to be successful. I am a first generation Liberian-American and I feel as thought I have so much potential. Seeing my parents break theirs backs everyday to climb the social ladder is the main reason I keep going. I just can’t disappoint them. One female that’s inspires me the most is my grandmother, Isabella. To me she is the definition of a strong independent woman. She’s told me all the stories on how she has overcome the adversities of life. If I could be half the woman that she is, I would be so content with life.

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Nessa’s Personal Page: @Anissamonique_



Thelma Davies 

Age: 19

Louisiana State University 


Kinesiology Major with the goal of becoming a Physical Therapist for collegiate & pro athletes. 

Former Pennsylvania 15x State Champion & 7x All-conditions record holder. 

LSU Track and Field Athletes 

Specialty: Short Sprints 

Track Inspiration: Florence Griffith Joyner also know as FloJo. She is the fastest women of all time holding the records in the 100 & 200 Meyer dash that she set at the 1988 Olympics Games. She carried herself with such class & confidence.

My aspirations in life is to become a successful track athlete & Olympian. I was born in a refugee camp for Liberians located in Accra Ghana. My family and I moved to the United States when I was 1 1/2 years old. I came from a house hold that came up from nothing and made something for themselves. It’s my time to myself, family and both the countries of Liberia & the US proud. Everything I do, I do it to see a smile of my parents face. I strive to become a successful track athlete & establish my name for years to come.

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Thelma’s Personal Page: @_ThelmaDavies